About the Team

The Kishgraphics team is a collaborative group of folks. We all work well together, have fun, and step up to challenges that can come up in our projects. Add to this your vision, goals; classic, clean communications; and our joint collaboration with you bring the essence of who your company is to fruition! You have a successful tools to market yourself with. Sounds simple yes? It can be with the Kishgraphics team.

Jerrie,jpgJerrie Hildebrand, Owner, Creative Principal & Designer
Jerrie is the creator of Kishgraphics. Before she sounded Kishgraphics, she worked for major publishing and software companies such as Silver Burdett Ginn Publishing, Progressive Software and Wang Laboratories, all leaders in their respective industries of their time. She held roles as an art buyer, senior designer, copywriter, project director and art director, leading teams to create marketing collateral, corporate communications, and publications.

In her off time, Jerrie loves gardening, canning, and learning new ways to cook great food. She also enjoys learning about others, ontological thinking, laughing and loving.

WesleyWesley Hildebrand, Photography
Wesley is a graduate of Salem State University’s Geography/Environmental Science program who also has a huge passion for photography. He loves shooting in ways that bring out the flavor and experience of places, food, products, and characters in a community.

Wesley is easy to work with, has a fun sense of humor and can be counted on to give his opinion on creative ways to display things.

In his spare time, he loves debating, hiking, being outdoors, and all things in nature.


The Girls 2

Lyra and Bridget, Daily Entertainment
The office and home is filled with “tortitude” from these two terror twins. They lighten up stressful times, remind us to play, and stop to take time for the important things like one another.




Other Players…
We work with a variety of illustrators, web programmers, and others to create the best for our clients. The team will do tons of research to bring you what your company needs.